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Yet more times than not, we find ourselves crippled by it in the everyday parts of our lives. Consequently, we become consumed with controlling the outcome of our marriage, finances, future, career, and more. Operating from this place of fear shuts the door to our faith and often leaves us feeling alone in our journey. But our story doesn't have to end there. We can gain wisdom from those who have gone before us and find hope in the one who has overcome it on our behalf. 

Throughout the book, I...
• Expose ways you unintentionally open the door to fear in your life
• Provide practical approaches you can take to begin relinquishing control back to Jesus
• Walk you through radical transformation built upon a genuine relationship with God
• Teach you to partner with biblical truth to silence worry and fear

Weight of Worry

What Readers Are Saying About the Book



I love the stories and the way Morgan lets you into her life in a very real way! She is open, honest and not afraid to let you into her trials and her victories. I love reading stories, but I also appreciate when Morgan gives you practical steps to incorporate into your life as well. I highly recommend this book!

" Wonderful insights and practical application!"


Morgan has a way with words!! She shares her story and shows what God has done through it and what she hopes for the future. As I read the book, I felt like she was writing out the thoughts and experiences of my own life. Some of the book took me longer to read through because I wanted to process what she was sharing and what God wanted me to glean from her words. I would recommend this book to every person I know. There are messages and truths for all ages and stages!

"Hits Home"


This book truly made me realize I am not alone. Anxiety set in after moving away. Then with the death of my mother it got worse. Morgan's book came at a time when I needed it the most. Being raised in a Christian home doesn't mean you cant slip and lose your way and Morgan reminded me that God is there whether you are feeling angry, tired, anxious or just down right lonely God is ALWAYS there, you just have to be open, let him in and let him lead you. It seems these were the things I thought I'd lost but God sent Morgan to remind me I hadn't.

"I'm not Alone!"

If you Answer Yes to Any of these Questions, Then this book was written just for You!

Is this Book for Me?


Do you frequently feel the need to be in control of your life?


Do you suffer from anxiety & depression and feel hopeless that your life will never change?


Do you believe in God, maybe go to church, but you're longing for more? You want a genuine relationship with Jesus?


Are you ready to close the door on fear and open the door to faith?



Launched as Amazon's #1 New Release in Christian Faith, Christian Counseling and Anxieties & Phobias

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